Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021

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Everything you’ll need to complete your Windows and Mac work is possible with Office Home & Student 2021. Office Home and Student 2021 is designed for students and families who enjoy using Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Even though it incorporates the old Office programs, this latest edition has been updated to add new and better capabilities.

Office Home and Student 2021 Product Highlights:

  • Real-time collaboration and co-authoring in Word
  • View Excel sheets the way you want
  • Add drawings and improve recoding in PowerPoint
  • Get real-time updates on comments added
  • Automatically saves to OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Curated images available
  • We offer digital and physical products
  • It is compatible with Windows or Mac device

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021


With Office Home & Student 2021, everything you’ll need to get the job done for your Windows and Mac is possible. Office Home and Student 2021 is for students and families who enjoy using classic Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Even though it has the classic Office apps, this latest version includes new and improved features.

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The new and improved Word applications provide an excellent space to work and collaborate with your team. Users of this new application can enjoy real-time collaboration and co-authoring simultaneously on and single document. In addition, you can add comments and get notifications when one is present. When changes occur, it can automatically save on OneDrive or SharePoint.


The Excel application comes with XLOOKUP for users to quickly see their data row by row. There is also the option to write a single formula and get an array of values with Dynamic Arrays. XMATCH function lets you search for items you need on any cell and return to the original position. Furthermore, you can customize how you view your Excel sheet.


Add ink and drawing effects to your presentations to make them more interesting using the Ink Replay. You can arrange the screen element for better communication of messages. In addition, the Record Slide Show can support the presenter in recording video, ink, and laser pointer. Contribution and collaboration are also possible with the Link to Slide option.

Curated Stock Images

Create impressive documents, slideshows, and more with available curated stock images and icons.

See Who’s Viewing

Get to know who is viewing or editing your document or Excel file. You can even see where the person is currently on the document.

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22 reviews for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021

  1. Charles Anderson

    I rely on Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 for all my everyday tasks. From writing essays to creating spreadsheets, it hasn’t let me down.

  2. Elsie James

    I’ve been using Office Home and Student 2021 for a few months now, and it’s been great. The new features in Word and Excel are very helpful. A bit pricey, but worth it.

  3. James Wilson

    Highly recommended for students and anyone on a budget.

  4. Ava Robinson

    Very happy with my purchase of Office Home and Student 2021. The one-time purchase option is great, and the software is reliable. A few minor bugs, but nothing major.

  5. Jessica Taylor

    The simplicity makes it easy to navigate, and the performance is reliable.

  6. Sarah Martinez

    The one-time purchase is budget-friendly and worth every cent.

  7. Linda Williams

    The applications are user-friendly, and I was able to start using them immediately.

  8. Evelyn Morgan

    Really enjoying Office Home and Student 2021. It’s great for my home projects and schoolwork. The interface is modern and the tools are very effective.

  9. Robert Thomas

    I use Word for writing, Excel for budgeting, and PowerPoint for creative presentations. It covers all the basics without overwhelming me with unnecessary features.

  10. Barbara Davis

    As a student, the affordability of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 is a huge plus.

  11. Patricia Smith

    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 is a lifesaver for students like me. It includes all the essential tools for writing papers, creating presentations, and organizing notes.

  12. Michael Anderson

    It’s a one-time purchase, which is great for my tight budget.

  13. William Brown

    This version of Microsoft Office is perfect for personal projects and hobbyists.

  14. John Smith

    This suite is perfect for my needs. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint cover all the bases without unnecessary features.

  15. Ella Scott

    Absolutely love Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021. The programs are intuitive and powerful. It’s made my schoolwork so much easier. Highly recommend!

  16. Richard Smith

    The applications open quickly, and I can focus on my work without distractions.

  17. Joseph Garcia

    Real-time editing in Word and collaborative presentations in PowerPoint make it easy to work on group projects with classmates.

  18. Ellie Davis

    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase of Office Home and Student 2021. The software is powerful and user-friendly. It’s made my school projects so much easier to manage.

  19. David Brown

    The software is efficient and doesn’t bog down my computer.

  20. Thomas Anderson

    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 is amazing! It has all the essential tools I need for my studies and personal use. The programs are easy to navigate and very efficient.

  21. Elijah Watson

    Office Home and Student 2021 is pretty good. The apps work smoothly, and it’s nice not having to pay annually. Had a few issues with installation, but it was resolved quickly.

  22. Maurice Hucker

    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 has truly revolutionized the way I approach tasks at home

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