When you buy software such as Windows Server, Windows, or Office that comes in its own package. It does not come pre installed on your PC, so it’s referred to as packaged software (physical box). Typically, packaged software can be purchased from a retail store, an authorized reseller, or an online reseller like Softvire Global.

Genuine Microsoft software comes in a physical box or packaging with the installation CD/DVD/USB. Furthermore, it also has the product key labels and the Certificate of Authenticity. Here are other items you need to look for when purchasing genuine Microsoft products.

1. Retail Box COA (Certificate of Authenticity)
2. Product key label
3. Hologram
4. Packaging

For Windows 10 and Office

Your Windows 10 Microsoft bundled desktop product comes on a USB drive with vivid color and 3D effects that change as the USB drive is rotated. This hologram is contained inside the USB’s plastic molded portion and is not a sticker.

For Earlier Versions of Windows

An inner mirror band hologram can also be seen on the inner part of the back (data) side of the DVD. As the disk is rotated, the color changes.

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